The Pharmacy

Our pharmacy is staffed by professional, courteous pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. We accept all third party insurance, offer free delivery, senior discounts, and 30-Day Approved Charge Accounts. We carry diabetic supplies and medical equipment.

We administer vaccinations including the flu shotZostavax (Shingles Prevention),  B12, and AMIC B12
(aka The Lipo Shot).

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Chaney's is much more than just a pharmacy. We offer services in instant photo printing, complimentary gift wrapping, home delivery on prescriptions and much more.


Photo services

Each of our two Kodak Kiosk Photo machines produce waterproof photos in an instant. Scan them in or use Bluetooth, XD, SD, USB Flashdrive, or even CD or DVD. You can even turn them into a slideshow to take home on CD!


  • Photo Books
  • Calendars
  • Greeting Cards
  • Picture CDs

Sizes include: 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 6x8, wallet size, mini prints, single picture packages and multi-picture packages
Bluetooth & Flash drive capabilities

 Picture Movie DVD 
New Features Include: Facial Retouch, Pet Eye Retouch, Social Network Connectivity (Facebook Freeze & Print Video Moments)


Gift Wrapping

Our complimentary gift-wrapping services include a wide selection of premium wrapping papers. We also carry gift balloons in many different designs.





Home Delivery

The Local Pharmacy Advantge: Chaney’s offers free home delivery on prescriptions.






Drive-Thru Windows

Our pharmacy has a double drive-thru pharmacy window for your convenience. We also have a separate drive-thru window for our TCBY frozen yogurt and Ugly Mug coffees.




Gift Cards

We offer gift cards that work storewide. Whether the lucky recipient is a Chaney’s regular or a new recruit, you will know they love their gift when they get to shop at Chaney’s! Select from one of the following gift card options: